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Business Make money (or just save money) with SarangWorld
Personal/Intimate Read all about me, see my pictures, meet other Sarangs, learn about my dog, and even apply to be my girlfriend!
Experimental/Fun Stuff here may not always work; includes cool uses/abuses of HTML/CGI
Humor Some people are born funny. Not me! But I write humor anyway... this section takes you to my illustrated stories.
Programming Computer programs I have written (Perl, TCL/TK, Java, PHP)
Technical Ideas My meandering technical thoughts about the web, including the interface between credit cards and the web
Career My resume'... but if you're really thinking about interviewing me, look at my programs instead-- they're a much better guide as to what I can and can't do.
Activism Think globally, act locally.. or just click here.
History The history of SarangWorld... highly abbreviated.
MiscellaneousAstronomy, awards, nitpickers' guides, computer programs other people have written, and naked women-- you know, all that stuff that just didn't belong anywhere else.

DISCLAIMER: I believe external censorship is wrong, so some material on my pages may be offensive to some people. Material on my pages is not neccesarily suitable for children. Offensive and unsuitable material is not necessarily marked as such.

People have always told me that I live in "my own little world". Well, here it is! Now, you can live here too... or at least visit. This page used to be constantly updated, but now that I have a job, I won't be able to waste as much time on it (I have to waste time working).












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